Use ACE Portal to Avoid Liquidated Damage Claims on ISF Submissions

One of the hottest topics discussed among the New England trade community in September was the growing number of late Importer Secure Filing (ISF) submissions at the Port of Boston. After the local trade community sought help from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in regards to an increase in delays from VACIS inspections at the port, the group learned part of the solution is improving on the late ISF submissions of requirements. A shipment arriving without an ISF submission will automatically be placed on hold and inspected. As a result, this kind of delay has a domino effect on other importers as well because a consolidated container without ISF documentation holds up other items for clearance. Unfortunately, current trends at the port illustrate the number of late ISF have only increased and nearly doubled from May to August of this year. May had 61 late files, while August saw 113 late files.

One reason for the growth in these late filings is the perception that CBP is not enforcing liquated damages for late submissions at the Port of Boston. However, importers should not be content with the idea there is a lack of enforcement on this issue as it is only a matter of time before CBP begins filing damage claims for late files. To avoid consequences from a late ISF filing, OCEANAIR is advising our clients to reevaluate their ISF submission process to make certain they are being done on time. One of the new features of the ACE Portal provides importers with access to educational tools such report cards for evaluating their compliance with ISF requirements. So, we are helping our clients with running ISF Reports through the ACE Portal to monitor whether any of their filings are late, and when requested, providing more assistance to those who want a further analysis of their late filings.

Do you have more questions about submitting ISF documentation or need help with getting an ISF Report Card from the ACE Portal? Please contact OCEANAIR Compliance at (781) 286-2700 or