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Pharmaceutical Logistics

PHARMACEUTICALS by OCEANAIR is a leading provider of cold chain solutions for the Pharmaceutical, Life Science, and Radiopharmaceutical industries.   We specialize in the transport of sensitive drugs, clinical trials, medicines, vaccines, lab reagents, chemicals, lab supplies, and equipment.

Our experienced team has the extensive regulatory and logistics expertise to help you navigate the challenges of  safeguarding and distributing your controlled or high-risk goods, regionally, nationally, or globally.  And our customizable supply chain solutions are designed to cover every aspect of your product’s life cycle – from maintaining cold chain integrity to specialized handling and monitoring – and deliver on-time logistics solutions that drive real value for all aspects of your organization, efficiently and cost effectively.

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Our logistics services ensure maximum flexibility to meet your time, space, and special handling needs.

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Complete End-to-End Logistics Solutions

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end cold chain services and solutions, tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Through specialized services and attention to detail, our dedicated professionals provide best-in-class cold chain solutions to ensure your products arrive on time, at temperature. By utilizing the latest technology in every aspect of our operation, we ensure accuracy, speed, visibility, and, most importantly, quality.

Gateway Services

Air Freight

Global air freight solutions with a full range of expedited and consolidated services for when speed matters most.

Ocean Freight

Tailored ocean freight solutions designed to help you achieve your supply chain goals while keeping your budget on track.

Domestic Freight

Delivering best-in-class ground freight solutions to transport your goods locally, regionally, and nationally.


Our complete end-to-end import solutions focus on providing visibility, control, and insight into your supply chain operations.

Customs Brokerage

Our licensed brokers will simplify your logistics operations by managing customs clearances and ensuring full compliance with all regulatory agencies.


We provide global reach to your key markets with our fully-integrated export services, tailored to meet your logistic and business goals.

Specialty Life Science Solutions

With over 35 years of experience, we have the in-depth industry expertise to handle a multitude of Pharmaceutical and Life Science commodities, including:

We bring complete visibility into your supply chain by offering the industry’s leading suite of technology.

End-to-End Visibility

Information When You Need It.

Pharmaceuticals by OCEANAIR provides our clients with 24/7/365 shipment monitoring,  delivering real-time visibility into  your shipment’s location and temperature.

Our certified healthcare experts will meticulously monitor your product to avert potential incidents and keep you informed every step of your product’s journey.

Our user-friendly, web-based track and trace solution enables you to manage and track your shipment’s entire journey, from booking to proof of delivery, and offers easy access to your freight and brokerage data.

Chain of Custody

PHARMACEUTICALS by OCEANAIR offers enhanced visibility into your shipment’s journey to ensure strict chain of custody protocols. We work with our clients to conduct an in-depth risk analysis to determine the appropriate level of control required to ensure product safety.  Our shipping lane verification (SLV) service proactively evaluates and addresses potential threats that could negatively impact your product during transport.  Our chain of custody services include:

  • On Board Courier (OBC) Services
  • Escorts
  • Team Drivers
  • Shipping Lane Verification
  • Risk Assessment
  • Web-based Tracking and Monitoring

Safeguarding Your Products Every Step of the Way.

Dangerous Goods

Pharmaceuticals by OCEANAIR’s team of certified dangerous goods material agents will help you navigate safe, secure passage for your difficult to ship goods – regionally, nationally, or globally.  We will plan every step of the way, from carrier procurement to review of Dangerous Goods Declarations to on time delivery, ensuring that your shipment has been properly identified, classified, packaged, and labeled, and that documentation conforms to all regulatory requirements.

We handle all types of hazardous and potentially hazardous (DG) material shipments, including:

Regulatory Compliance

Maintaining the Highest Standards

One of the most significant challenges life science companies face in today’s international marketplace is effectively moving products around the globe while adhering to the increasingly strict regulatory compliance laws.  While protecting your business from damaging commercial and financial penalties resulting from compliance issues can be an overwhelming task, Pharmaceuticals by OCEANAIR will help you navigate safe passage for your imports and exports.

At Pharmaceuticals by OCEANAIR, our core value is keeping you compliant in all facets of demand-driven supply chains. We are here to protect, consult, and advise our customers of the ever-changing market conditions.  We offer trusted expertise and tailored, data-drive solutions to your most pressing compliance, customs, and supply chain challenges, and we provide meticulous oversight to ensure confidence in the compliance of each and every transaction. We follow all local, state, and federal laws and stay current with all applicable agency regulations, including GDP and cGMP.

Our dedicated staff has the knowledge and experience to help you safely navigate the challenges of today’s complex compliance landscape. We will help you maneuver the ever-evolving rules and regulations and help you create a resilient and compliant supply chain by assessing your options, minimizing your risk, and executing a solution that will maximize your bottom line.  And our global network of partners allows us to coordinate seamlessly with local partner government agencies (PGA’s), helping you comply with all relevant regulations around the world.


Maintaining the Cold Chain

Our cold chain processes ensure the quality and efficacy of your temperature-sensitive products.  While keeping the temperature consistent throughout the cold chain process can be challenging, we provide the infrastructure to monitor, control, and maintain end-to-end cold chain integrity to enhance product quality and safety.  From packaging and pre-condition stations for passive and active solutions to temperature monitoring and data logging devices to gateway storage and replenishment, our solutions and standardized processes allow us to offer the highest levels of quality, assuring total drug accountability and compliance with all applicable regulations, standards, and guidelines.

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18˚C to 28˚C

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2˚C to 8˚C

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15˚C to 30˚C

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-35˚C to 0˚C

Transport Packaging Solutions

We offer a full range of innovative active and passive packaging solutions to ensure your product’s quality and efficacy.  Our packaging systems and temperature-controlled containers meet GDP/GDS standards.

Choosing the right packaging solution for your valuable temperature-sensitive product is vital to ensuring a healthy supply chain.  Not sure which solution is best for you?  Our highly trained pharmaceuticals experts can help you choose the best option to get your product to its destination in the right condition at the right price.

Active Shipping Solutions

Pharmaceuticals by OCEANAIR offers our clients a variety Active shipping container solutions to ensure the quality and efficacy of your temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, biologics, and other life science and chemical products.

Active shipping containers have an intelligence, internal power supply that offers precise temperature control, either heated or cooled, to ensure all of your specific temperature requirements are met.  Active shipping containers arrive pre-conditioned to the client’s specifications and temperature is monitored and tracked throughout the shipment’s journey, with excursion alarms that communicate to the client in real time.

Active shipping containers are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from half pallet and full pallet up to four pallets.


CSafe offers a full range of active, passive, and cell & gene cold chain packaging solutions designed to thermally protect your pharmaceutical or life-science. With an air cargo container fleet large enough to ensure a 100% delivery guarantee, an unlimited supply of reusable parcel and cell & gene packaging, and 24/7 customer and technical service, CSafe is well-positioned to be your cold chain partner of choice.


For over 35 years, Envirotainer has been a global market leader in secure cold chain solutions for air transport of pharmaceuticals.  With more than 6,00 active temperature-controlled FAA and EASA certified containers in the fleet, covering more than 2,000 pharma lanes in over 100 countries, Envirotainer is the perfect choice for maintaining the integrity and quality of your pharmaceutical products throughout the cold chain.

Passive Shipping Solutions

Passive insulated shipping containers are the most widely used, cost-effective way to transport temperature-controlled life-saving therapies.  Passive containers maintain a temperature-controlled environment inside an insulated enclosure, using coolants such as chilled or frozen gel packs, phase change materials, and dry ice, and are designed to provide cushioning and anti-shock protection during transit.   With a variety of sizes and design materials, passive shippers provide more flexibility, while optimizing supply chain logistics operations.


Reefer Containers


Pallet Shippers


Cryogenic Shippers

Cred Cube

Credo Cube


Va-Q-Tec, etc.


Gel Packs | Dry Ice

5 reasons Pharmaceuticals by OCEANAIR
is the best choice for your life science shipments


1. Compliance

We provide meticulous oversight to ensure confidence in the compliance of each transaction.

2. Quality

We are committed to providing superior quality service and creating solutions that drive real value for our clients

3. Excellence

We bring passion and determination to deliver on our commitments and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

4. Experience

With decades of experience moving  freight, OCEANAIR has the knowledge and resources to successfully navigate safe passage for your shipments.

5. Reliability

We live for the satisfaction of delivering what we promise on each consignment and shipment.

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