Rapid Logistics Invests Strongly in EU Distribution Facilities for Our U.S. Customers

Rapid Logistics expands their warehouse complex to 300,000 sq. ft. to accommodate U.S.-based companies looking to outsource their European or EMEA storage needs, value added services, and final mile distributions.

In close cooperation with OCEANAIR, Inc., a leading logistics service provider in the New England area for over 25 years, Rapid Logistics assists our U.S.-based customers in growing their business in the European markets.

By offering tailor-made solutions for warehousing and distribution, fiscal representation for EU VAT, and a state of the art brokerage environment backed by the highest standards in IT and EDI, our customers can concentrate on doing what they do best – “Development & Sales”.

Before forming a close partnership to help your business grow and succeed, the first thing that needs to be established is Trust!  We understand that outsourcing your merchandise, having a 3PL in daily contact with your end customers, and caring for your product while it is being handled takes a lot of trust and confidence.  Over the years we have learned what is important to our U.S. customers, and we work to cover these needs every day.  We wish to act like your own warehouse downstairs, but only 3,000 miles to the east.

We can proudly say that in the Netherlands the environment for EU distribution is pretty close to optimal.  Not only is the Dutch logistics workforce highly skilled, but also our governmental regulatory bodies and customs

authorities have been very pro-active in creating an environment where they in fact support the 3PL to service our U.S. customers.  We also enjoy our very strategic location:  we are in the middle of 500 million European citizens and have the largest Oceanport and the third largest Airport in Europe only miles away.

Another important part of a strong partnership is a very hands-on mentality when it comes to handling your product.  A lot of processes can be automated.  Information can run through the digital highway and SOP’s can be written, but in the end order picking, value added services, rework, packaging, sorting, storing, loading and unloading your merchandise requires skilled people.  Especially when retail packaging is involved, you want to count on a great warehouse team who cares.  That is why Rapid Logistics invests heavily in our warehouse people, ensuring they have the right training, tools, and equipment to work with.  It takes the proper infrastructure and the proper team of people to live up to our promise – “Failure is not an option”.

We would be more than happy to discuss a tailored solution made especially for you.  Whether you are just starting out on your European adventure or you are a well-established company with years of experience in Europe, we look forward to being your 3PL of choice.


Vincent de Vries

General Manager, U.S. to EU Sales and Development