Dozens of China List 1 Goods Now Subject to Tariffs; Others Granted an Extension

The U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) has announced that a number of product exclusions to the Section 301 additional 25% tariffs on List 1 imports from China are being extended, but many others have expired as of July 9.

The exclusions granted are reflected in 12 specially prepared product descriptions.  These exclusions, which must be claimed using the new HTSUS 9903.88.52, are available for any product that meets the specified product description, regardless of whether the importer filed an exclusion request.  The scope of each inclusion is governed by the scope of the product descriptions set forth by the USTR, not by the product descriptions set out in any particular request for exclusion.


HTS Code Product Description
8412.39.0080 Direct acting and spring return pneumatic actuators, each rated at a maximum pressure of 1 0bar and valued over $68 but not over $72 per unit
8413.91.9095 Pump casings and bodies
8413.91.9095 Pump covers
8413.91.9095 Pump parts, of plastics, each valued not over $3
8414.30.8030 Compressors, other than screw type, used in air conditioning equipment in motor vehicles, each valued over $88 but not over $92 per unit
8514.90.8000 Structural components for industrial furnaces
8532.22.0085 Aluminum electrolytic capacitors, each valued not over $2.50
8536.50.9025 Rotary switches, rated at over 5 A, measuring not more than 5.5 cm by 5.0 cm by 3.4 cm, each with 2 to 8 spade terminals and an actuator shaft with D- shaped cross section
8536.50.9025 Rotary switches, single pole, single throw (SPST), rated at over 5 A, each measuring not more than 14.6 cm by 8.9 cm by 14.1 cm
8543.30.9080 Zinc anodes for use with machines and apparatus for electroplating, electrolysis or electrophoresis
9015.80.8080 Weather station sets, each consisting of a monitoring display and outdoor weather sensors, having a transmission range of not over 140 m and valued not over $50 per set
9022.90.6000 Multi-leaf collimators of radiotherapy systems based on the use of X-ray


Tariff exclusions for the above products will extended until December 31, 2020.  The USTR states that this shortened extension is due to “the cumulative effect of current and possible future exclusions or extensions of exclusions on the effectiveness of” the Section 301 tariffs. The USTR has granted more than 6,200 exclusion requests to date, has extended some of these exclusions, and may consider further extensions.  USTR will take account of the cumulative effect of exclusions in considering the possible further extension of these and other exclusions.


Expiring Exclusions

Tariff exclusions granted in July 9, 2019 for the following List 1 items are not being extended and have, therefore, expired on July 9, 2020, at which point they are subject to the 25% additional duty.


HTS Code Product Description
8402.90.0010 Heat exchangers, the foregoing comprising parts of goods of heading 8402 and each fitted for heat recovery steam generator
8402.90.0090 Water tanks for steam or other vapor generating boilers
8402.90.0090 Drums, exhaust stacks, and inlet duct panel assemblies of heat recovery steam generators
8408.90.9010 Compression-ignition engines with maximum power exceeding 50 kW but not exceeding 120 kW, each valued over $6,000 but not over $9,500 per unit
8408.90.9020 Compression-ignition engines, exceeding 149.2 kW but not exceeding 373 kW and valued over $9,800 but not over $12,000
8411.99.9090 Aircraft gas turbine compressor cases of steel and Inconel alloy, each valued over $3,000 but not over $4,000
8411.99.9090 Engine stationary seal air supports of Inconel alloy, each measuring over 35 cm but not over 35.5 cm in outer diameter and over 3.5 cm but not over 4 cm in width
8412.80.1000 Spring-operated motors, each valued over $3,000 but not over $3,600
8413.60.0030 Gear-type hydraulic fluid power pumps, handheld, battery powered, the foregoing not over 5 cm in width and valued not over $6 per unit
8413.70.2015 Centrifugal water pumps incorporating thermal cut-offs, each with discharge outlet 5.08 cm or more in diameter, valued over $66 but not over $72 per unit
8413.91.9010 Motor vehicle oil pump housings
8413.91.9095 Impellers
8413.91.9095 Parts of oil and gas extraction beam pumps, other than hydraulic power pumps
8413.91.9095 Pedestals of pump assemblies
8413.91.9095 Pump bases, of plastic, designed to protect the pump impellers from obstructions
8413.91.9095 Pump expellers
8413.91.9095 Pump grease cups and grease cup adapters
8413.91.9095 Pump liners
8413.91.9095 Pump manifolds
8413.91.9095 Pump shaft castings, of steel
8413.91.9095 Pump throatbushes
8413.91.9095 Pump volutes
8413.91.9095 Structural pump bases, of stainless steel
8414.30.8050 Compressors, other than screw type, of a kind used in household refrigerators, air conditioners and heat pumps, rated at more than 1/4 horsepower but not more than 1 horsepower, each valued not over $150
8427.20.8090 Fork-lift trucks, propane gas powered, having a rated lift capacity over 9.5 metric tons but not exceeding 33 metric tons
8429.20.0000 Motor grader weighing more than 14 metric tons but not over 21 metric tons
8429.40.0040 Self-propelled pneumatic compactors, each weighing over 14 metric tons but not over 28 metric tons
8429.51.1015 New articulated shovel loaders, wheeled, each with 4-wheel drive, rear mounted engine and a bucket capacity of under 1.5 m3, rated at not over 26 horsepower
8429.51.1040 Integrated tractor shovel loaders, each with 4 wheel drive, a bucket capacity of at least 3.8 m3 but less than 5.2 m3 and an operating weight of 17.5 metric tons or more but not over 20 metric tons
8429.51.1045 Shovel loaders with an operating weight of from 30 metric tons to 36 metric tons
8429.51.1050 Shovel loaders with an operating weight of from 30 metric tons to 36 metric tons
8429.51.5010 Rubber track shovel loaders having a lift capacity not over 375 kg
8431.10.0010 Grooved wire rope drum valued over $350
8431.31.0040 Escalator drive assemblies consisting of a motor, planetary gear and gearbox
8431.31.0040 Escalator steps
8431.31.0060 Parts of passenger or freight elevators consisting of any of the following: elevator emergency brake and speed governor apparatus, scissor lift assemblies, telescoping boom lift assemblies or articulating boom lift assemblies
8431.39.0070 Counterweights for log handling equipment
8431.49.9044 Backhoe counterweights each weighing more than 400 kg but not more than 600 kg
8431.49.9044 Excavator crawler shoes
8432.90.0060 Seeder or spreader baffle and baffle assemblies
8432.90.0060 Seeder or spreader frames
8432.90.0060 Seeder or spreader handles
8432.90.0060 Seeder or spreader hopper assemblies
8432.90.0060 Seeder or spreader hopper grates
8432.90.0060 Seeder or spreader impellers
8436.80.0090 Chipper/shredder machines, electrically powered
8436.80.0090 Chipper/shredder machines, gasoline powered, valued less than $250 per unit
8436.80.0090 Malt production equipment
8458.19.0020 Horizontal lathes, electrically powered not over 1.5 horsepower
8474.90.0010 Feeder and vibratory flow equipment and parts thereof designed for use in screening or sorting machines; housings and noise reduction enclosures
8479.30.0000 Press machines for bamboo or other materials of a woody nature
8479.81.0000 Electric wire coil-winder machines
8479.82.0040 Insulated mixing chambers of stainless steel, each having a capacity of 5 m3 to 25 cubic meters
8481.30.2090 Check valves of steel having an internal diameter not less than 4.8 cm or exceeding 62.5 cm
8481.90.9060 Bodies of pressure-reducing valves other than hand-operated or check valves and valves classified in 8481.20, such bodies of brass
8481.90.9060 Bodies of valves other than hand-operated or check valves and valves classified in 8481.20, such bodies measuring over 18 cm but not exceeding 19 cm in length, valued over $55 but not over $65 per unit
8482.10.5016 Flanged wheel hub bearing units with ball bearings, each having an inner diameter exceeding 2.2 cm but not exceeding 2.8 cm
8482.10.5024 Wheel hub angular contact bearing units, not flanged, valued over $2 but not over $10 per unit
8482.99.0500 Inner bearing rings
8483.40.9000 Non-toothed gears for office printers, each valued not over $7
8483.50.9080 Non-grooved pulleys, each incorporating a deep groove roller bearing
8483.50.9080 Non-grooved pulleys, zinc plated, each valued not over $3
8483.90.8080 Hubs for conveyor pulleys with an outside diameter of more than 5 cm but not more than 56 cm
8487.90.0080 Handles for machinery
8501.10.4060 Electric motors of a width exceeding 7.5 cm but not exceeding 7.8 cm
8501.31.2000 DC motors, each valued over $125, with attached stranded copper cord
8501.53.4080 AC motors, multi-phase, each of an output exceeding 75 kW but less than 149.2 kW
8501.62.0000 AC generators, each weighing over 250 kg but not more than 1 metric ton and valued not over $2,400
8504.33.0020 Transformers designed to control horizontal motion of electron beams in cathode-ray tubes
8504.90.9650 Static converter covers, bases and housings
8514.90.8000 Furnace casings
8515.19.0000 Manually operated rework stations, including soldering/desoldering stations
8515.39.0020 Machines and apparatus for arc (including plasma arc) welding, each valued not over $500
8525.60.1030 Hand-held transceivers (except Citizen’s Band and except low-power radiotelephonic operating on frequencies from 49.82 MHz to 49.90 MHz), valued not over $70 each
8532.10.0000 Fixed capacitors valued not over $4 per unit
8532.10.0000 Fixed oil-filled capacitors rated at 1 kV to 25 kV
8532.21.0050 Tantalum capacitors having a conductive polymer cathode, valued not over $4 per unit
8532.21.0050 Tantalum capacitors, each measuring 7.3 mm by 4.3 mm by 1.9 mm and valued not over $4
8536.41.0045 Contactors, for a voltage not exceeding 60 V and with contacts rated at or more than 10 A, each valued not over $18
8536.50.9031 Momentary contact switches rated at or under 5 A, each designed for use as a motor vehicle overdrive switch
8536.50.9031 Momentary contact switches rated at or under 5 A, valued not over $4 per unit
8536.50.9065 Rocker switches, for a voltage not exceeding 1,000 V, designed for use in motor vehicles
8538.90.6000 Molded buttons
8538.90.6000 Molded housings and covers
8538.90.8120 Tanks for dead tank circuit breakers, of aluminum
8543.30.9080 Aluminum anodes for use with machines and apparatus for electroplating, electrolysis or electrophoresis
8543.30.9080 Chlorine generator chambers containing titanium plates for use with machines and apparatus for electroplating, electrolysis or electrophoresis
9018.12.0000 Veterinary ultrasound device with black-and-white image quality used as a medical diagnostic tool
9018.90.6000 Microwave ablation antennas, whether or not with attached controls, as parts of ablation systems used to ablate live tumors
9018.90.6000 Parts and accessories of electro-surgical instruments and appliances, other than extracorporeal shock wave lithotripters
9018.90.6000 Smoke evacuation pencils with accompanying tubing and hoses designed to integrate smoke evacuation into electrosurgery by combining both features into a single handpiece, which is designed to apply mono-polar electrosurgical energy to target tissue in a surgical setting while simultaneously evacuating smoke from the surgical site
9018.90.6000 Suction coagulators, consisting of a hand-piece with mechanical and/or electrical controls and a disposable shaft, used for the coagulation of tissue and aspiration of fluids during surgical procedures
9018.90.6000 Vessel sealing and dividing devices that use electrical energy to separate and seal tissue during open or laparoscopic surgical procedures, consisting of a handpiece with mechanical and/or electrical controls, and a bipolar electrode intended to deliver electrosurgical current from a system generator directly to tissues for cutting/coagulation/ablation
9022.90.6000 Dental X-ray alignment and positioning apparatus, each valued over $5,000
9022.90.6000 Overhead tube suspension used to hold and position X-ray generating equipment
9027.80.4530 Instruments and apparatus that chemically analyze food to detect the presence of gluten or peanuts, valued at less than $55 per unit
9030.39.0100 Picoammeters with recording devices
9032.89.6070 Humidistats, each with outdoor sensor, such humidistats valued not over $40 each


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