‘Clean’ Energy Products Added to DOL’s 2022 List of Goods Produced by Child or Forced Labor


The Department of Labor has just released its 2022 edition of goods produced by child or forced labor.  In this edition, the DOL has added 32 products – and removed one (cotton from Uzbekistan) –  to its list of goods believed to be produced by child and/or forced labor in violation of international standards.

The list which is updated every two years, contains 158 goods sourced from 77 countries and 10 goods produced with inputs made through the use of child or forced labor.

The full report, further raises awareness of the use of child and/or forced labor in the production of clean energy products, including electric cars, solar panels, wind turbines, and biofuels.  The report goes on to say, “Clean energy is a central pillar of the Biden-Harris Administration’s policy goals.  Yet, that clean energy future cannot—and will not—be built on the backs of forced laborers.”

Additions to the List


Source Country Goods Exploitation Type
Bangladesh Garments Forced Labor
Brazil Acai Berries Child Labor
Cameroon Gold Child Labor
Ecuador Bovines, Hogs, Poultry, Rice Child Labor
Ghana Bovines, Textiles, Rice Forced Labor
India Tea, Thread, Yarn Forced Labor
Indonesia Palm Oil Products Child Labor and Forced Labor
Kenya Cattle Child Labor
Pakistan Baked Goods, Bovines, Dairy Products, Rice, Electronics, Furniture, Garments, Textiles Child Labor
Zimbabwe Gold Child Labor


Downstream Goods


Source Country Input Good Downstream Country Downstream Goods Exploitation Type Downstream Goods at Risk
China Polysilicon China Photovoltaic Ingots, Photovoltaic Wafers, Solar Cells, Solar Modules Forced Labor Silica-Based Products, Solar Products, Semiconductors
Democratic Republic of the Congo Cobalt Ore China Lithium-Ion Batteries Child Labor Electric Cars, Laptops, Cell Phones, Vacuums, Turbine Blades, Medical Implants
Indonesia Palm Fruit Indonesia Crude Palm Oil, Crude Palm Kernel Oil, Refined Palm Oil, Refined Palm Kernel Oil, Oleochemicals Child and Forced Labor Cooking Oils, Animal Feed, Baked Goods, Beverages, Household and Industrial Products, Personal Care and Cosmetic Products, Infant Formula, Biofuels