China Announces New Requirements to Ensure Quality of Medical Supply Exports

The Chinese government has issued a new export requirement to ensure the quality of medical supplies amid the global fight against the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Effective April 1, Chinese medical product exporters must obtain a Certificate of Registration from the National Medical Products Administration before goods can be released for export.  Medical supplies subject to this new regulation include:

  • surgical masks
  • ventilators
  • medical protective coveralls
  • infrared thermometers
  • Novel Coronavirus pneumonia testers

Certificates of Registration will only be issued to suppliers upon verification by the National Medical Products Administration that the products:  1) have been officially registered in China, and 2) meet the quality-control standards of the respective export destination.

Suppliers are required to provide the certificate to Chinese Customs for clearance – without the certification, cargoes cannot be released for export.

Importers are advised to make sure their suppliers are able to qualify for and obtain these Certifications of Registration before sourcing medical supplies from China.

A copy of the notice can be viewed by clicking here.