Portugal’s Dockworkers Stage Prolonged Nationwide Strike, Paralyzing the Country’s Import and Export Operations


Ports across Portugal, Madeira, and the Azores have reported significant disruptions after members of the National Union of Workers of Port Administrations (SNTAP) walked off the job amid a labor dispute with the Portuguese government. The situation is particularly serious at the Port of Leixões in Matosinhos, where the import and export of goods has been completely paralyzed.

The strike, which began on December 23, is slated to last through January 30.

Some cargos bound for Portugal are being diverted to Spain and other international ports in the region. However, some cargos have been stranded at ports across the country, with vessels unable unload or leave berth.

The Federation of Portuguese Agro-Food Industries (FIPA) has warned that the industrial action is already affecting the supply of essential goods, with “the risk of disruption in the supply of some raw materials for food already a reality.”

Severe delays and disruptions are expected to last through February 1, unless the government resumes talks with the striking workers to resolve the stalemate. Lingering delays are likely to persist weeks after the industrial action ends as port workers clear the backlogs.