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OCEANAIR’s objective is to maintain excellent quality standards in every area of our business. We create an environment which focuses our attention on the details to excel at personalized account management. We believe in a centralized approach which includes dedicated customer service support and dedicated manager level teams to focus on maintaining stated service levels.

OCEANAIR establishes and adheres to internal and external SOP’s along with profiles based on mutually agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) with each client. Meeting the approved KPI’s becomes an integral part of the day-to-day operations for use by our staff and partners abroad. Through EDI connectivity with major carrier partners as well as daily communication with drayage operators, carrier terminals, and agents, OCEANAIR monitors all transactions against stated milestone goals. Our process can quickly identify and addresses any issues/exceptions that may impact any client’s supply chain.

After the scope of work is defined through the SOPs, we will synchronize specific requirements with the appropriate members of our operational and managements teams. Because we use an approach and structure tailored specifically for daily management of each of our accounts, we can offer a customer experience which makes every client feel as if they are receiving VIP treatment. Although there is one key account manager assigned, the support profile is greater than one and provides dedicated customer service comprised of the account manager, sales representative, the compliance team, after hours contact, and additional support as needed from our IT,  Operations, and Pricing teams.

OCEANAIR measures client satisfaction rate by how well we deliver on our agreed upon terms with each account. The management team takes the time to understand the unique needs of each customer thoroughly and remains diligent in creating solutions and delivering services which present value for a customer. OCEANAIR uses an extensive process for reviewing the service delivery performance information, such as quarterly business reviews to identify and track preventive actions and improvements needed to maintain client satisfaction. 

Our personalized services are delivered by the best of class customer service people around the globe. OCEANAIR and its agents are always there when a customer needs us, after hours, weekends or holidays. One never knows when a hiccup comes within the supply chain, or a question arises about a classification issue. Because we are proactive and flexible in creating solutions and delivering value-added services to our customers, we ensure that clients will speak with a lead person on the account and have a backup person available. At immediate disposal, we have several additional supports that can offer assistance to complete the issue or inquiry as needed in any location in the world.

We offer a “one-stop-shop” solution for international shipping needs, while also creating an environment to interface with clients. Serving our customers is the passion and the fire that fuels us every day. We live for the satisfaction of delivering what we promise on each consignment and shipment. Some of the added values a relationship with OCEANAIR provides over the competition are:

    • outshining and outperforming by customer engagement
    • having minimal employee changes
    • hiring the best talent
    • providing seminars
    • making compliance an ongoing subject
    • communicating global trade news through our website, monthly electronic newsletter, and social media channels