OCEANAIR, Inc. – Revere, MA


Position Summary: Position is responsible within the pricing group team for the timely processing of quotes for both air and ocean transactions to OCEANAIR customer base and sales personnel.

 Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Monitor Receipt & Review all pricing requests
  • Monitor/Manage requests back to requester within 30 MIN of receipt to confirm received and expected timelines for completion and/or request additional information
  • Prioritize quotes under guidelines set by Director daily
  • Request spot pricing from various vendors to support competitive costs/pricing for same
  • Request additional information/pricing from OCEANAIR agents for DAP/DDP/EXW shipments
  • Process final quotes back to client within either “same day” or next AM (DAP/DDP) per OCEANAIR standards
  • Work with sales/sales support to analyze/adjust specific client “rate guidelines’” based on follow-up/feed-back from same
  • Maintain/create shared folders within OCEANAIR shared pricing “file” under set guidelines
  • Maintain rates in software systems (CARGO SPHERE/CARGO OFFICE)
  • Work with Director/Sales on bid type pricing/assembly
  • Assist in research/collect pricing data in various target regions (air/ocean/inland/agent etc.) to continuously drive down costs on behalf of OCEANAIR and clients
  • Maintain detailed notes within quotes as far as “spot” pricing/routings etc. to guide operations as to best service/price combination on secured quotes
  • Work under direction of Director to assemble/double check existing agent rates against WCA agents to verify OCEANAIR is being given “market competitive” rates from same
  • Support operations in communicating quote details and cost structures both at the transactional level – and at the client level (pricing profiles)
  • Other tasks as assigned

Job Type: Full-time

Apply at:  rkaye@oceanair.net