OCEANAIR has been a global leader in freight forwarding and international logistics solutions for New England for more than three decades. We remain New England’s largest independent service provider because we stay ahead of industry trends. Today, this trend is to optimize logistics through high-quality data. As a result of years of analysis, research, and development, OCEANAIR committed to being more than just moving freight. We adopted the technology to optimize logistics execution to provide our customers with visibility into their business through high-quality data. So, we invested heavily in both technological tools and experts, and combined their expertise with our trade professionals. This methodology is our unique approach to supply chain logistics, and we have successfully delivered personalized solutions.

Regardless of our customer’s size and shipment volume, each one can use some aspect of our technology tools. Our basic offering begins with our transportation management tools, which provide track and trace capabilities, and can extend to provide solutions for the complex management of supply chain through our WMS or purchase order management system. Our technology tools offer a user-friendly solution and will serve you like a personalized agent by tracking and reporting quantifiable performance standards and include:

  • Key event notifications
  • Full EDI capabilities
  • Track and trace
  • Customized reporting
  • Customer System EDI Integration
  • Vendor EDI Integration
  • Cargo Status Reports
  • Shipment Event Notifications
  • Shipment and Entry Analysis Dashboards
  • Classification Advisory Portal
  • Integrated Customer Parts Database
  • International Purchase Order Management
  • Booking Management
  • Warehouse Management Software
  • Online storage and access to shipping documentation
  • Seamless communication with the carriers through multiple platforms

Some features of our IT systems

Internet Tracking

Track your shipping data through our online tracking system. Clients can track individual shipments and take advantage of a customized report.

Key Event Notifications

Our software package can set event status notifications for booking, confirmation of departure or arrival, and delivery. Once set, when the status of a shipment changes, you would receive an email with online tracking information. This process would be part of a quantifiable performance standard to be tracked and reported.

Customized Reporting

We will work with you to build a unique and user-friendly solution that fits your needs. Below is a list of standard reports, which are customizable to suit your company’s needs.

  • Simple Tracking
  • PO and Item Tracking (at the entry level)
  • Accounting Report (includes all invoice fields)
  • Transit Report
  • Duty and Government Fees (charges listed by item number)
  • Landed Cost Analysis (at the item level)

Purchase Order Management

Our PO management portal is designed to offer simple to complex management of our clients PO’s. We do not have a one size fits all approach and will tailor the portal to work within the constraints of our clients and/or our clients’ suppliers. The program can be complicated, but the overall methodology is to receive the required delivery date whether manually or electronically. Then, manage quantifiable milestones to deliver on or before the required delivery date at our client’s facility, included in the PO management process below.

  • Provide line item product information and quantity to manage the product booked against product ordered.
  • Provide a booking date to notify you if the supplier doesn’t notify us of a scheduled shipment.
  • Provide an in-consolidator date that is used to measure on time delivery of the product to either the container freight station for LCL or container yard for FCL.
  • Jointly agree on the mode of transport if the required delivery date will not be hit as a result of supplier compliance on any of the above.

Warehouse Management System

Our web-based WMS will keep you informed and up to date on the status of your product. The standard reports are customizable and are available online. The system integrates with almost every internal or external system known, from homegrown, legacy systems up to and including ERP systems like SAP R/3 and Oracle Financials. WMS users can perform the following:

  • View inventory
  • Run reports
  • Search inventory
  • Order Management
  • Customize data displayed

The importance of data quality is how we help our clients take full advantage of current technologies through a collaborative network, and lead the way in optimizing the movement of goods. Our research discovered that many companies separate logistics management functions and freight procurement while also managing information manually. These practices leave logistics professionals and managers in a precarious position because they have to optimize processes beyond freight rates, even though they do not have complete supply chain visibility. As a result, these companies may face a significant financial impact that hampers business growth. To deliver visibility for our clients, OCEANAIR adopted technologies which incorporate new and diverse information sources.

In today’s economy, there is a need to analyze and understand a lot of data such as landed cost, rate cycles, peak seasons and impacts of shipping freight through specific routes. To manage costs and the supply chain efficiently, all of this data needs to translate into useful information that provides full transparency of the various elements of the supply chain. With our technology solutions, we can help optimize the movement of goods through a tailored solution specifically fitting an organization’s business and its logistics needs.