Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

OCEANAIR provides our customers with tailored shipping solutions, ensuring confidence and safe arrival of their freight. We can easily integrate a supply chain by optimizing the movement of goods through a tailored solution specifically fitting an organization’s business and its logistics needs. Our Team will provide you project support for managing global supply and distribution networks, and international trade logistics. We can provide consultative solutions and analysis to improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of your supply chain.

  • Performance Improvement
  • Transportation Management
  • Warehouse & Distribution Management
  • Cargo Risk Management & Marine Insurance

Transportation Management

OCEANAIR proposes a consistent agenda which explores the transportation options for each individual lane. The intent is to measure clearly key performance indicators such as:

  • Steamship line booking cut-off
  • AMS cut-off
  • Container yard cut-off (flexibility with late gate)
  • Sailing date
  • Transit time from port to port
  • Arrival date
  • Dwell time from arrival at destination port to container availability
  • Port arrival to de-stuffing delivery

Transportation Management Tools

OCEANAIR is committed to more than just moving freight. We understand our clients have more than just shipping needs, and they need to analyze a lot of data such as rates and peak seasons and the planning and routing of freight through specific routes. To manage costs and the supply chain effectively, all of this data should translate into useful information, and offer full transparency of the various elements of the supply chain. Our transportation management tools offer a user friendly solution and will serve you as a personalized agent by tracking and reporting quantifiable performance standards.The system supports:

  • Tracking
  • Key event notifications
  • Purchase order (PO) management
  • Full EDI capabilities
  • Track and trace
  • Customized reporting
  • Seamless communication with the carriers through multiple platforms
  • Online access to all ship documents through scanned documentation service

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We also provide PO & Warehouse Management softwares systems.

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