OCEANAIR WAREHOUSING, LLC provides our customers with a cutting-edge warehouse management system (WMS) powered by Synapse.  With OCEANAIR’s WMS, customers have web-based access to real-time tracking of their inventory.  OCEANAIR’s customized solution ensures full visibility and control of your products, no matter the complexity and time-sensitivity of your warehousing and distribution needs.

With OCEANAIR’s WMS, users can :

  • View inventory
  • Search inventory
  • Manage orders
  • Run reports
  • Customize data displays

OCEANAIR is committed to more than just moving freight.

WMS Features

Our WMS solution is built to address the specific challenges the wholesale and distribution sector faces on a daily basis.  OCEANAIR’s WMS enables our clients to improve delivery performance and fulfillment while streamlining processes and reducing costs.

Warehouse Management

  • 3PL management
  • Category customization
  • Location control
  • Order management
  • Quality control
  • Receiving / put-away management
  • Shipping management

Inventory Management

  • Barcoding
  • Materials  tracking
  • Order picking
  • Custom labels
  • Shipping documents and packing lists
  • Inventory alerts

Inventory Forecasting

  • Accurately forecast inventory levels
  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce inventory levels
  • Significantly reduce order fulfillment errors
  • Avoid stock-outs

Advanced technology bolstered by decades of industry experience

If you’re ready to grow, you’re ready for our cutting-edge WMS system, built for the complexity and unique demands of modern operations.  From inbound and outbound to pick, pack and ship, our WMS offers broad, deep functionality to help you optimize warehouse processes, drive revenue, and provide end-to-end reliability.

Our web-based WMS provides real-time tracking updates, giving you full visibility and control over your supply chain.  Get the right information to the right people at the right time with our flexible reporting capabilities.  Manage orders, check inventory, and schedule and track shipping, all at the click of a button.

Our system integrates with almost every internal or external system, from homegrown legacy systems to ERP systems such as  SAP and Oracle.  Our  WMS system can import or export flat files, XML, EDI, and proprietary data format files.  OCEANAIR’s WMS is compatible with Mac, Android, and Windows platforms.

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