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Today, we continue to provide traditional Freight Forwarding Services, but the needs of our clients are much different from 1983, stemming from the advent of e-commerce, globalization, and a reliance on foreign-sourced products. In this fast-paced and overwhelming world of logistics, you need a supportive partner like OCEANAIR. We give you the flexibility and poise to support your continually evolving needs. In addition to our exceptional freight shipping services, we also offer logistics consulting, warehousing, and transportation management software, as well as a wide-range of specialized logistics services.

We offer innovative solutions to meet the changing demands stemming from, e-commerce, distribution, and order fulfillment through our IT systems, which have the capability to implement a variety of integrated and customized supply chain solutions. With our transportation management tools, international purchase order management portal, third-party logistics, and warehouse management solutions, we help navigate the demands of the modern economy, as well as the ever-changing world of global logistics. We will arrange and manage the inbound delivery of your goods to the outbound delivery to your customers. With our premier 3PL service, you will have more time to focus on your core competencies by not having to perform a single step in the logistics process.

We arrange the inbound international shipments, brokerage, and US Customs clearance. Our team of experts handles all the logistics from beginning to end. We make logistics simple for your products out of the US or into the US—you can trust OCEANAIR! We will get your vital cargo from the source to our facility with the most efficient transport service. After it arrives at our warehouse and is ready for delivery to your customers or retail venues, we will handle the truck brokerage for you by choosing the appropriate service — Expedited, FTL, or LTL — for delivery.

We can easily supervise all the logistics of warehousing your product. We receive your products, inspect them, and sort them into their home at one of our warehouse locations. After your goods are safely stored and labeled, the location is scanned so our WMS knows exactly where the products are located. Our WMS integrates with an ERP as well as  financial products such as SAP and Oracle to efficiently and accurately populate outbound orders within our system.    

Our WMS provides a cloud-based order fulfillment system which is accessible 24/7; anywhere, anytime. Once an order is placed, our system automates pick-tickets for fulfillment. Once picked, your goods are staged to our outbound docks lanes for quality inspecting for release to transportation services. In addition to these fulfillment services, we also can assist with product returns processing, inspection, and relabeling for shipments.

Our 3PL solutions feature specialized programs for pick and pack services and shipping for B2B, B2C and E-commerce fulfillment. We can handle whatever you need to ship, including drop-shipping to retailers and consumers, bulk distribution, and marketing collateral distribution. Additionally, we can also help assemble your materials like inserts, brochures, brochures, flyers, stickers, and marketing materials with your outbound products. We can also repackage and label items for foreign distribution as well.