Global Network

OCEANAIR’s years of success has been predicated on our Global Network being more than just relationships, but rather as extensions of the company. With help from more than 4500 service providers and logistics experts worldwide, OCEANAIR can provide a client with access to ship or develop a supply chain anywhere in the world.

This Global Network model allows us to offer the most efficient and personalized experience for each client. It also gives us the global visibility to be New England’s largest independent service provider, as well as access to knowledge from local experts in worldwide locations. Larger freight forwarders and international conglomerates are critical of this kind of model because they claim that is essential to manage your supply chain properly with their own people on the ground overseas.

The problem is many of these types of service providers cannot guarantee the same quality of customer care with their offices abroad. OCEANAIR’s Global Network is comprised of agents and logistics experts, who are as passionate about providing the same high-level of service as we are. They are highly motivated to offer exceptional service without exception.

Our business relies on daily interactions and transactions with Asia, Europe and the rest of the globe. Thanks to the strength of our Global Network, we can easily meet the demands of our business.

Connecting Europe and New England (Senator)

Bridging China and New England (Cohesion)

Global Network

Our mission and our community is only made possible by incredible, forward-thinking people and organizations around the globe

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