Section 301 Tariff Exclusion Requests Granted
China List 2 ($16 billion)

Updated: 7/30/2019


Per the USTR’s Federal Register notices, the product exclusions are available for any product that meets the description in the annex to the Federal Register notice, regardless of whether the importer filed an exclusion request. The scope of each inclusion is governed by the scope of the 10-digit subheadings and product descriptions listed in the annex, not by the product descriptions set out in any particular request for exclusion.

Product exclusions granted by the USTR are retroactive to August 23, 2018, the effective date of this $16 billion action, and will extend for one year after the publication of the exclusion notice in the Federal Register.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection will issue instructions on entry guidance and implementation.

If you have a pending product exclusion request with the USTR and you are concerned that an entry may liquidate before the USTR renders a decision on the exclusion request, you can:

  • Request an extension of the liquidation deadline and file a Post Summary Correction no later than 15 days prior to the extended date of liquidation
  • File a protest up to 180 days after liquidation

The USTR will continue to issue decisions on pending requests on a periodic basis.

Product exclusions must be claimed using the new HTSUS subheading 9903.88.12.


HTS Code Applies To Product Date Exclusion Granted
3901.90.1000 Product Specific Chlorinated polyethylene elastomer, in white or pale yellow powder form,
containing 28 to 44 percent by weight of chlorine
3904.61.0090 Product Specific Polytetrafluoroethylene ((C2F4)n), having a particle size of 5 to 500 microns
and a melting point of 315 to 329 degrees Celsius
3906.90.2000 Product Specific Expandable plastics beads, 0.30 to 0.50 mm in diameter, consisting of copolymers of methylmethacrylate (62 to 64 percent by weight) and styrene 7 (26 to 28 percent by weight) 7/30/2019
3907.20.0000 Product Specific Polyol blends containing 92 percent or more by weight of polyether polyol (CAS number 9049-71-2) and 2.5% or more by weight of N,Ndimethylcyclohexamine 7/30/2019
3919.90.5060 Product Specific Hot melt flat shapes of biaxiallyoriented polypropylene (BOPP) film with an acrylic emulsion 7/30/2019
3919.90.5060 Product Specific Polyethylene film, 20.32 to 198.12 cm in width, and 30.5 to 2000.5 m in
length, coated on one side with solvent acrylic adhesive, clear or in transparent colors, whether or not printed, in rolls
3919.90.5060 Product Specific Polyvinyl chloride film, coated on one side with pressure sensitive solventacrylic adhesive that allows for easy removal from a flat glass or flat, rigid, clear plastics surface, 106.7 cm, 137.2 cm or 152.4 cm in width, and 30.38 m or 49.99 m in length, with regular perforations measuring 1.5 to 1.6 mm in diameter, where the perforations cover 30, 40 or 50 percent of the surface area 7/30/2019
3919.90.5060 Product Specific Printed rectangular polyethylene sheets depicting images on one side, with self-adhesive edges protected with peel-off liners on the other side, measuring 30.5 cm by 45.7 cm or 30.5 cm by 25.4 cm 7/30/2019
3919.90.5060 Product Specific Self-adhesive colored or printed polyvinyl chloride film with a peelable liner, in rolls, measuring 30.5 cm or 50.8 cm in width and 3.05 m to 6.10 m in length, of a kind used for lining shelves or drawers 7/30/2019
3920.10.0000 Product Specific Printed, nonpermeable plastic film of ethylene designed for use in packaging personal care products such as baby wipes, adult wipes and similar wet stack products 7/30/2019
3920.10.0000 Product Specific Polyethylene film of a kind used for wrapping perishable foods, in rolls measuring 30.5 cm in width and up to 76.2 m in length, with a starter edge tab, put up in retail packages incorporating a built-in slide cutter and grip strip for holding the film in place until subsequent use 7/30/2019
3920.10.0000 Product Specific Rectangular sheets of high-density or low-density polyethylene, 111.75 cm to 215.9 cm in width, and 152.4 cm to 304.8 cm in length, with a sticker attached to mark the center of each sheet, of a kind used in hospital or surgery center operating rooms 7/30/2019
8407.90.1020 Product Specific Spark-ignition rotary or reciprocating internal combustion piston engines to be installed in agricultural or horticultural machinery or equipment, 4,476 W or more but not more than 37.6 kW, each valued not over $180 7/30/2019
8407.90.9010 Product Specific Gasoline or liquid propane (LP) engines each having a displacement of more than 2 liters but not more than 2.5 liters 7/30/2019
8407.90.9040 Product Specific Spark-ignition internal combustion piston engines, not elsewhere specified or included, 746 W or greater but not exceeding 4,476 W, with an engine displacement of not more than 430 cc 7/30/2019
8419.89.9585 Product Specific Heat guns 7/30/2019
8419.89.9585 Product Specific Heated tissue preparation microscope slide flattening tables
8419.89.9585 Product Specific Tissue sample paraffin floatation baths
 8424.89.9000 Product Specific Air amplifiers powered solely by an external source of compressed air, which is routed through the apparatus in such a manner as to draw in ambient air, increase its speed and direct the air through an output port, each such apparatus not exceeding 1 kg in weight 7/30/2019
8424.89.9000 Product Specific Apparatus capable of generating and projecting liquid particles of a size that simulates haze, fog or snow (depending on the composition of the liquid or powdered source), whether or not incorporating laser or other lighting apparatus 7/30/2019
8424.89.9000 Product Specific Apparatus capable of mechanically generating and projecting bubbles from a liquid source, each apparatus weighing more than 2.5 kg but not more than 6.5 kg 7/30/2019
8424.89.9000 Product Specific Aroma-spraying sets, each of which includes a battery-powered aerosol apparatus and a glass bottle containing not more than 25 ml of essential oil solution, each set weighing not more than 300 g 7/30/2019
8424.89.9000 Product Specific Collars of a size suitable for dogs or cats, fitted with a means to provide a
stimulus to the animal, by means of a sprayer, whether or not combined with a
static electric discharge device or sound emitter; and such collars capable of being controlled by an external transmission device, whether or not the controller is presented with the collar as a set
8424.89.9000 Product Specific Dispensers of hand-cleaning or hand-sanitizing solutions, whether employing a manual pump or a proximity-detecting battery-operated pump, each article weighing not more than 3 kg 7/30/2019
8424.89.9000 Product Specific Oral irrigators (dental water-jet machines) 7/30/2019
8424.89.9000 Product Specific Parts washers, each consisting of a steel basin having a capacity no greater than 100 liters, steel drain plug, support legs and a shelf, a recirculating centrifugal pump assembly, a power cord incorporating an electrical fusible  9 link, a gooseneck spigot assembly, with a steel lid held by a “piano-type” hinge and by a lid support bracket incorporating a mechanical fusible link 7/30/2019
8424.89.9000 Product Specific Rotary surface washers, consisting of a tube, at one end of which is a fitting suitable for connection to an external power washer and a handle for controlling the position of the apparatus, and at the other end of which is an assembly of one or more rotating brushes that receive the output of the external power washer 7/30/2019
 8424.89.9000 Product Specific Wet- and dry-diffusion apparatus fitted for incorporation into scent-releasing machines 7/30/2019
8432.29.0060 Product Specific Walk behind rotary tillers, electric powered, individually weighing less than 14 kg 7/30/2019
8432.42.0000 Product Specific Fertilizer distributors with a capacity not exceeding 40 kg 7/30/2019
8465.95.0055 Product Specific Benchtop drill presses, each with a power rating of less than 750 watts and valued under $1,000 each 7/30/2019
8483.30.8020 Product Specific Bearing housings each valued over $2000 7/30/2019
8501.10.6020 Product Specific AC motors, of 18.65W or more but not exceeding 37.5 W, each with attached actuators, crankshafts or gears 7/30/2019
8501.10.6020 Product Specific C-frame 2-pole AC electric motors, of 18.65W or more but not exceeding 37.5 W, each valued not over $4 7/30/2019
8501.10.6080 Product Specific Electric motors, of 18.65W or more but not exceeding 37.5 W, each valued over $28 but not over $35 7/30/2019
8501.31.8010 Product Specific Amorphous silicon solar chargers with a power output of 100 W or less 7/30/2019
8501.52.4000 Product Specific Electric motors, each with an output rating not exceeding 800 W 7/30/2019
8503.00.9520 Product Specific Armature shafts for electric motors of heading 8501 7/30/2019
8503.00.9520 Product Specific Windshield wiper motor covers and shafts 7/30/2019
8536.30.8000 Product Specific Leakage current detection and interruption (LCDI) cords 7/30/2019
8537.10.3000 Product Specific Control boards for stoves, ranges and ovens of heading 8516 7/30/2019
8541.10.0050 Product Specific Zener diodes, each valued not over $0.25 7/30/2019
8543.70.4500 Product Specific Position or speed sensors for motor vehicle transmission systems, each valued not over $12 7/30/2019
8543.70.4500 Product Specific Wheel speed sensors for anti-lock motor vehicle braking systems, each valued not over $12 7/30/2019
8543.70.9960 Product Specific Antenna amplifiers, each valued not over $15 7/30/2019
8543.70.9960 Product Specific Antenna noise suppressors, each valued not over $5
8543.70.9960 Product Specific Apparatus using passive infrared detection sensors designed for turning lights on and off 7/30/2019
8543.70.9960 Product Specific Audio controllers, each valued not over $100 7/30/2019
8543.70.9960 Product Specific Audio mixers, each valued not over $75
8543.70.9960 Product Specific Devices incorporating sensors and monitors for identifying encoded television and radio signal information of survey participants 7/30/2019
8543.70.9960 Product Specific Electrically powered cat noise control devices 7/30/2019
8543.70.9960 Product Specific Electrically powered combs of a kind used on pets
8543.70.9960 Product Specific Electrically powered dog training, controlling, repelling or locating apparatus whether or not put up in kits, including dog collars fitted with GPS or other transmitting or receiving devices and electrical barrier transmitter devices
8543.70.9960 Product Specific Electrically powered insect control apparatus
8543.70.9960 Product Specific Electrically powered static-emitting plastic strips designed for use in training or controlling pets 7/30/2019
8543.70.9960 Product Specific LED lamps for flash curing nail polish 7/30/2019
8543.70.9960 Product Specific Liquid leak detectors 7/30/2019
8543.70.9960 Product Specific Multiple device remote controls, other than radio remote control, each valued not over $2 7/30/2019
 8543.70.9960 Product Specific Robots, programmable, measuring not more than 40 cm high by 22 cm wide by 27 cm deep, incorporating an LCD display, camera and microphone but without “hands”
8607.30.1000 Product Specific Couplers, knuckles and yokes and parts thereof for vehicles of heading 8605 or 8606 7/30/2019
8711.10.0000 Product Specific Motorcycles (including mopeds), with reciprocating internal combustion
piston engine of a cylinder capacity not exceeding 50 cc, valued not over $500
9001.20.0000 Product Specific Polarizing film, of triacetate, with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing 7/30/2019
 9025.19.8040 Product Specific Digital clinical thermometers, valued not over $11 each 7/30/2019
9025.19.8080 Product Specific Cooking thermometers, including candy and deep-fry thermometers 7/30/2019
9025.19.8080 Product Specific Infrared thermometers 7/30/2019
9025.80.1000 Product Specific Combined thermometer and hygrometer devices 7/30/2019
9028.10.0000 Product Specific Pulse output gas meters of a kind that can be read remotely 7/30/2019
9028.20.0000 Product Specific Pulse output water meters, of cast stainless steel 7/30/2019
9029.20.4080 Product Specific Fingertip pulse oximeters 7/30/2019