Effective July 1, 2016, SOLAS requires the shipper to provide verified gross mass (VGM) in a verified document before vessel loading. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) adopted the new regulation to promote maritime safety.  To obtain VGM, please use one of the methods below. 


Links to Weigh Stations in New England: 



For more information, please refer to one of the links below.  

VGM enforcement steps up a gear

Much work still needs to be done to achieve accurate certification and universal enforcement of the new container-weighing rules that came into force on 1 July as the three-month settling-in period comes to an end, according to freight industry risk-management specialist TT Club. Read more...

Guide for SOLAS Best Practices Conflicts with Ocean Carries’ Implementation Plans
Without an orderly process for submitting verified gross mass (VGM), a service disruption looms given the large number of U.S. exporters, marine terminals, and carriers
...Read more.

U.S. Coast Guard Makes Announcement on Enforcement of SOLAS
The Coast Guard made an announcement at the Federal Maritime Commission's listening session to hear industry concerns over the amendments to the new SOLAS regulations
...Read more.

International Survey Reveals Cargo Owners Are Unprepared for New Weight Verifications
The survey results concluded that roughly only a third of respondents are ready to meet full compliance when the new container requirements
...Read more.

Are You Ready for Upcoming Major Changes in Container Weight Verification Requirements?
The International Maritime Organization (IMO) will start enforcing the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) convention requirements
...Read more. 



Download SOLAS Whitepaper #2  


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